I currently have three stories available for readers consumption. All of them are linked on pages below and are available at Amazon. Feel free to order or download a copy. Leaving a review, an honest one, makes me a better writer.

The first book I attempted to write is still under contruction, I am barely 1/5 of the way through it and it stands at 180 pages so far. I have plans for that book to become a trilogy as the world it is set in has so many facets to cover, so many interactions. I found myself realizing I was not ready to tackle that. So I tried another one.

The second story I tried to write was intended to be a short story and turned into a 120 page novella. I finished it and realized, that there was no story there. It was a series of events based around a concept. Apparently I was still not ready to tackle a full novel.

Then The Enchanted City steampunk festival in Troy came around and I was asked to be the “bad guy”. I said yes, but that I wanted to be not evil, but misunderstood. I wrote a novella as a backstory of this event. That story, after much revision is Clash of the Fae, it’s available for Kindle and iPad (for iPad you’ll have to search, not sure how to link it), it can also be bought in paperback. It was the first thing I wrote that actually became a real story. I was finally pleased with a product I made.

Then a libertarian author was putting together a new anthology and called for submissions. I had a concept I had been throwing around in my mind for a few months and put it to paper and submitted it. Short stories are really hard. I’m not sure how people pull them off so well. The 1500 word limitation really was a challenge. In the end I was allowed a little more space, but still. Anyway, that book, filled with action, steampunk, far future and heroes and heroines, is "Defiant, She Advanced". This book is available in hardcopy and Kindle.

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